Vikram Industries is high-speed continuous processing systems incorporate many standard features, including modular construction, interchangeable cells, roll-out/plug-in plating stations, ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing, choice of heat, filtration and bath agitation. Whether reel-to-reel or equipped with conveyerized fixtures, state-of-the-art innovations such as selective stripe and spot plating, universal DC contacts, computerized vision inspection and continuous thickness measurement may also be included.

The many innovations in V.R.Engineering automated systems make for superior performance, substantial flexibility and extremely economical operation.

Continuous Loading and Unloading

Continuous Loading & Unloading - Automatic pay-out and take-up systems utilize ultrasonic and non-contact sensors to detect the presence of product and to maintain the proper degree of tension. This control protects even the most delicate of materials. Any size reel of flat stock or stamped product can be accommodated.

Tachometer-generator feedback speed control is used to maintain synchronized transport speed and eliminate product distortion under all load conditions.

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